PDR Rework

PDR Rework is a market leader in IR SMT and BGA rework solutions. They supply some of the best tools possible for repair work in the field, such as Focused IR innovation which ensures world-class solder joints.

PDR Rework

PDR Rework is a leading provider of rework equipment for the electronics sector. Founded in 1987, PDR has been the point of reference for desoldering and soldering excellence when identifying the elements needed in an advanced BGA and SMT rework system. Clients of PDR reach production line rates of more than 98%.

PDR Rework offers a broad array of IR rework devices for low volume, higher volume, and high thermal demand application. PDR offers an infrared pyrometer and inspection cameras to inspect the rework procedure during heating.

PDR Rework has established itself by developing a complete line of cost-effective equipment that meets all client needs through a wide variety of offerings such as technical training, maintenance programs, onsite support and repairs.

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