For more than 2 decades, Restronics Northwest has been providing ESD assistance to its clientele. Audits are performed by our experienced team according to the EOS/ESD 20.20 criteria. We have the materials and equipment required to conduct an audit and aid end users in fixing sections that are not meeting specifications. There are dissimilar client needs for semiconductor makers compared from those makers of low-tech hardware. Our team of experts can give you advice on the best ways to satisfy the relevant requirements.

From ESD matting to grounding and testing technology, our staff has access to and is experienced with a broad array of ESD equipment and solutions. In numerous businesses, persistent ESD monitoring is regarded as more efficient instead of having workers manually test themselves at a centralized test facility on a daily basis. In light of increasing sensitivity of our customers’ products to ESD issues, testing wrist bands once or twice daily is no longer adequate to guarantee maximum trust in grounding. Additionally, constant monitoring guarantees that benches and ESD mats are appropriately grounded, removing the necessity for a facility worker to inspect each work bench on a a monthly basis. ESD monitoring reduces the requirement for all personnel to retain paper or digital records.

Personnel grounding material, non-static workstation supplies and equipment, ESD packaging goods like metalized bags and moisture barrier bags, and ESD handling boxes for carrying ESD sensitive components for in-plant usage and shipping products are all available. ESD floors (either using ESD wax or permanent ESD tiles) are commonly used as the foundation of any ESD program.

Moreover, ESD and non-static generation are becoming progressively significant in server farms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and biomedical manufacturing. In all of these markets, ESD protection is becoming increasingly important.

With the help of Restronics, ESD control methods can be installed. We can assist you with anything from a single workstation to a whole facility.