Global leader in ergonomic industrial furniture and workstations

Treston Group is a corporation that combines the best of both worlds: The traditions and resources of two powerful companies, Treston Oy, founded in 1969, and Sovella, formed in 1876. Starting from 2011 they have worked together in Treston Group but became Treston through a merger in 2015.


At Treston, efficiency and workstation are always front of mind. They design furniture and work benches to be durable so that they last from generation to generation.

If you opt for Treston, you get a high-quality workstation platform that is developed with your needs in mind—for sales, personal customer service, and sales.

Treston is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial furniture and workstations. They provide their customers with expert services for constructing ergonomic work environments that are safe and effective. The Treston workstation solutions follow the philosophy of LEAN manufacturing, and they have a range of ESD-sensitive products that are suitable for use in ESD-protected areas (EPA).